EUR/USD Advantages

With the Euro/USD currency pair trading so well, there has been a veritable boom of interest. And because the interest in the currency pair is so high and profitable, even more benefits are coming along with this particular pair. Below are a few more benefits of trading the EUR/USD currency pair.

 The currency pair market of EUR/USD has an exceptionally active trading environment.

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  • Traders profit due to competitive pricing environments, of which the EUR/USD is highest.
  • There are several other types of spreads available; aside from spot markets, futures markets,     and forwards markets, traders now have access to swaps, exchange traded funds (ETFs), and contracts for difference (CFD).
  • 30% of all spot trades use the currency pair of EUR/USD.
  • 90% are made in USD.
  • 40% are made in EUR.
  • The EUR/USD currency pair benefits from swing profits.

Traders are looking for the best investment when choosing which currency pair to invest in. Investing in the EUR/USD currency trading pair gives you your best chance to gain on your investment. Remember, though, that as with all investments or financial trades, you take a chance of loss. But also remember that competitive prices and high liquid markets can increase your chances at making a gain instead of a loss.

Why are there so many investment methods? Well, create a vacuum, as the scientists say, and something or someone will immediately rush in and fill it. The same holds true in financial circles. In this case, traders in the beginning had use of the beneficial spot market, futures market, and forwards market. But then cunning investors noticed there was an investment vacuum, and that’s where the wide variety of trading methods listed above was brought into play: the swaps, the CFDs, the ETFs, and a whole cornucopia of other vanilla and exotic option types.

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